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Our ICCP System

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Our system comes with the following

  • Regulated Power Supply With Single Green/Red LED Status Light.

  • 99.67% Pure Titanium MMO Ti Coated Sensor Rod.

  • Free Stainless Steel Adapter For Recessed Anode Ports Click here.

  • 8’ Power Cord.

  • Limited Lifetime Warranty Click here.

What is ICCP protection and how does it work?

ICCP protection stands for Induced Current Cathodic Protection. This process was first introduced in 1824 to protect British ships from hull corrosion. Current day ICCP protection is used on off shore oil drilling platforms, all shipping vessels and above ground City water pressure tanks just to name a few. Simply put, ICCP protection is a engineering solution to stop metals from corrosion when they are in contact with water or a moist envioroment.

  In home hot water tanks, an aluminum/magnesium rod is screwed into the top of the heater. This rods function is to dissolve slowly and as it does, it releases electrons which are absorbed by the carbon steel tank walls to stop interior corrosion. Home water tank ICCP systems operate on the same principle using a non-degrading titanium rod that receives current from an external power supply which sends electrons to the inner tank walls. The benefit is never having to check/replace the anode rod again.   

If a proper power supply is used with this system, ICCP protection will provided to the tank. The benefit of ICCP protection is the elimination of water odor and internal corrosion protection of the water tank for years beyond the factory warranty.

How it works in your hot water tank.

Upgrading to our ICCP system is a relatively simply process. Remove the factory installed anode rod, install our sensor rod, connect 1 positive 1 ground wire to the sensor rod is all that is needed. when these connections are made, simply plug the power supply into any common household 110 volt outlet and you are done.

The electronics inside our power supply will change this voltage to a safe D/C current. A low "positive" D/C current will sent to the sensor rod and electrons are expelled through the water to the "negative" charged water tank walls. The water tank walls will absorb these electrons like a sponge. This process is ICCP protection and takes the place of the factory anode rod which naturally disperses electrons as it degrades. The end result is never having to change the anode rod again and hot water odor is eliminated naturally.

Our system shown below is all that is needed for proper ICCP protection for use in 13 to 110 gallon water tank systems. This system is what a true ICCP requires and nothing more.

 Is your water tank your odor source?  Perform the below quick test to determine its source.

  • Perform This Simple Test: Turn on your Hot Water Faucet for 3 minutes and smell the water. Do you smell an odor like Rotten Eggs or Sulfur? If yes, the source is within your hot water tank.

Why factory installed Anode Rods Create Odor.

The Anode rod is a food source for sulfate bacteria Sulfate-Reducing Bacteria. This bacteria which is naturally present in water and harmless, will feed on the anode electrons then convert into Hydrogen Sulfide Gas which is the “rotten egg smell”. Keep in mind that many Towns and Cities supply water to homes through a deep well that is pumped into an above ground tank which is your water pressure. These Town/City water supply systems may have the same effect as a private well on the water odor. Here is a microscopic view of this bacterial feeding off of the anode Click here. Here is a 4 minute video on what an unchecked anode rod over time looks like and the damage it causes video.

Why our product is true iCCP protection compared to others.

Choosing the right ICCP system can be intimidating and confusing to say the least. With so many other products on the market making so many claims, we would like to set the record straight on what exactly an ICCP (powered anode rod) system can and cannot do.

A water tank ICCP systems only role is to send a measured current into the water tank to stop corrosion. Here are some of the claims other manufactures state:

“Creates Chlorine Gas & Cleans Rust From Tank” ICCP are not capable of creating chlorine gas nor will they clean any tank from rust which is a internal corrosion issue.

“Stops Lime Scale Deposits” Lime Scale is a water filtration issue. No ICCP can stop this type of mineral deposit within the tank.

“Low Current Output By Power Supply” There is no logical explanation for this claim. The voltage drop is due to the type of power supply used. An AC/DC transformer power supply with 4 diodes and 1 capacitor was never intended to be used as an inductive current to power a ICCP system.

The list continues: “Stainless Steel” (does not corrode), “Fiberglass Tanks” (does not corrode) “Oil Tanks” (external protection only needed).

Our system is clean built from scratch and bare bones. Nothing is added that may fail, nothing is added that is not needed. If it serves no logical reason, there is no reason for it. There is nothing that can be added or taken away from our product to make it more efficient.

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Our comparisons.

Customer Installation Photos, Many Thanks!

Do you have a Bradford white water heater? We offer a solution for these nipple style applications.

Adapting Your Water Heater For A Nipple Bradford White Style System Click here for a short video

  All Bradford White and some AO Smith tanks use a nipple type Anode rod. If you can’t find your anode port on top of the heater then you more than likely have a nipple style rod. These replacement Anodes can not be purchased at Lowes or Menard's. These Anode Rods must be purchased on-line.

Our solution is simple, replace their Nipple Style Anode Rod with a $10.00 part conversion and end the internal corrosion problem. You can use brass components which are slightly more expensive but worth the investment. Since our product is made from aircraft quality stainless steel which is a passive metal, you will not have any electrolysis issues on the thread points. We recommend using a quality thread sealant on the brass threads going into the carbon steel tank.

  If your tank has a 12 year warranty, you have 2 Anode Rods. 1 replaceable Anode & 1 nipple style Anode. Click here for a factory photo of how they are installed. The only difference between a 6 and 12 year warranty is the number of Anode Rods. 6 year warranty, 1 Anode, 12 year warranty, 2 Anodes.

If your system has 2 anode rods, use this system to eliminate the 2nd rod Click here.

If your water heater has a single nipple style Anode Rod, please see the below diagram to convert your tank and incorporate our system. We do not sell these parts since by the time you add in USPS shipping costs, it would amount to $35.00 to send you $10.00 worth of parts.

Nipple Style anode rod conversion hardware.


Finding Your anode Rod location - removing & extracting. Click on images for helpful notes.

Location Of The Anode Rod Before Ordering our product or purchasing a new Tank.

  If you can find the location of your Anode Rod Bolt Top on your existing heater tank, our system can be installed (see above photos). It is advised that if you are purchasing a new water heater that you find the Anode Rod location on their display model. If you can't find the Anode port, ask to see the owners manual. If it is accessible and between 13/110 gallons, our product will work in your system. Removing the Factory Anode Rod will require a breaker bar and someone else to steady the tank when removing it.

If you decide to purchase our product with a new heater, we recommend installing the heater tank and filling it with water first. This will allow the weight of the water to help steady the tank for the factory anode rod removal. Most all factories apply Red Loctite to the Anode rods therefore they can be difficult to remove.


Lifetime. In Event Our Power Supply Green LED Fails, Provide us your order number and a new power supply will be shipped to you free of charge the next business day.

Shipping & Delivery Times. All Below Times Are Indiana Eastern Daylight Savings Time (EDT).

* All Orders Are Shipped USPS Priority Mail. Expect 1 to 3 Day Delivery times Anywhere In The USA.
* All Orders by 10:00 AM Monday - Friday Ship Same Day.
* Saturday Orders By 9:00 AM Ship Same Day.

What You Will Receive.

* 1 MMO Ti Coated Tank Sensor Rod.
* 1 Power Supply Control Module With 8' Power Cord.
* 1 Stainless Steel Extension Rod If Needed For Recessed Anodes (insulation thickness).
*  Simple Installation Instructions. dont forget.jpg

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